Red Cat (RCAT) Stock Jumps 45% Today As It Gets Rewarded A Contract With NASA: Good Opportunity To Profit?

Red Cat, a drone hardware-enabled software provider, today announced that its subsidiary, SkyPersonic, has been awarded a contract with NASA to provide software and hardware support for the agency’s Simulated Mars mission. RCAT stock surges over 45% today in the pre-market trading session, it was trading higher by 7.14% in yesterday’s trading session. It is now trading at $3.44 jumping from $2.4. NASA is preparing to send four people to Mars in 2020 for a series of analog missions that simulate the lives of humans on the planet. They will live in an isolated habitat on the Alpha Dune Mars.

Skypersonic, a tech company that developed drones for unmanned missions, has partnered with NASA to develop a project that will allow the agency to operate rovers on Mars. Red Cat’s Skypersonic division has signed an agreement with NASA to fly scientific missions on Mars. Through this partnership, Red Cat will advance the company’s patent-pending remote pilot technology.

Anthony Gonzales

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