Reflect Scientific Inc (RSCF) Stock Doubles in a Week: What’s The Buzz?

Over the course of the past week, the Reflect Scientific Inc (OTCMKTS:RSCF) stock has been in sharp focus among investors and managed to clock gains of more than 100%.

Reflect Scientific Inc (RSCF) Stock Doubles in a Week: What’s The Buzz?

The company, which is involved in providing a range of products and services to the transportation, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, announced a message to its shareholders from its Chief Executive Officer earlier this week. In the letter, the company’s CEO Kim Boyce provided some updates with regards to the company’s business.

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Boyce stated that the company now holds the considerable intellectual property and has also partnered with manufacturing facilities that can replicate Reflect’s systems in huge volumes. It was also mentioned that the interest in the company’s product lines has continued to grow due to the unique capabilities they offer to customers. One of the factors behind the popularity of the company’s products lies in the use of green technology. It now remains to be seen if the Reflect stock can continue to hold on to its momentum.

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