Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Announces Results Of The Study Showing REGEN-COV Reduces The Risk Of Infection By Almost 82%

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures drugs to treat all kinds of diseases, particularly skin cancer, rheumatoid, diabetic retinopathy, dermatitis, etc. At the moment particular attention is paid to the development and research of a new REGEN-COV therapy against Covid, the tests of which show flawless results. REGEN-COV hasn’t been approved by the FDA, but it is currently allowed in the United States for treatment and prevention. This medicine aims to prevent COVID-19 in non-infected people. In addition, it is suitable for those whose bodies don’t respond to vaccines and those with weak immunity.

As a result of new analyzes, it became known that just one dose of REGEN-COV reduces the risk of contracting the virus by 81.6% within 2-8 months after taking. During the eight-month study, no participant was hospitalized or died by covid. They could also be vaccinated if desired, but only after a month of effective treatment. Naturally, the latest results and the need to fight the virus have influenced the stock price. Over the past month, the worth has dipped 11%. Only in the first days of November, the price was equal to $ 651.51, which is a monthly high. Before the weekend, it fell to $611.54.