Relief (RLFTF) Stock Has No Gains Although RLF-100 Gets Trademark in the U.S

Through the years of the coronavirus pandemic, RLF-100 has been making Relief stocks in Switzerland and U.S  trade actively but they couldn’t soar as high as Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca stocks did. On Monday it may open higher a bit for its aviptadil getting its official trademark for commercializing purposes in the U.S.

Ever-growing revenue is never guaranteed for any business. If you are investing in biotech or pharma stocks with negative EPS be sure that they may take years to be in positive earnings. Relief is on the same roadmap while it has to burn a lot of cash from external sources.

Last Friday, RLFTF fell 1.75% instead of soaring on recent good news. Perhaps, investors are not reacting positively to possible covid-19 vaccines. A current war in Ukraine affects stock traders stronger than coronavirus did in March 2020.