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Remnant: From the Ashes: Destroying Shroud and Using Upgrades, Part Two

An objective called ‘The Horror in the Sewer’ has a clear goal which is to kill Shroud – the first boss. There will be a horrific sound inside the building to scare you.  Getting afraid of that and losing morale surely will be in the game. That’s truly exciting by the way. A lot of enemies will attack you. Running away and taking cover should save your life. Around 10 minutes are needed for killing Shroud. Watch out, he appears anywhere you walk by cutting with sharp blades and sending magic vire vertically. He has four lives which are shown in four slots. Shoot him by shotgun that can harm significantly. By often hiding inside rooms and self-healing will eventually lead to killing Shroud. The exit is clearly shown, so take your chance to complete the next goal. Inside boxes, you can find resources when you get underground. You have to find the checkpoint – floating stone to get into other places.


Guns are very vital in killing enemies, so upgrade them all with what you have in your pocket. Changing your look is also ok but not important. More money more upgrades. Try to kill as many enemies you can. Thus getting rich will be faster. Selling and buying are awesome in the game. Use them wisely.

Monsters with Axe and Sickles

The bull alike creature will run to you by the intention of cutting you into pieces. There are two choices: you either run far away from him or shoot him by shotgun several times so you can get a lot of points. If you make backflips and side flips by shooting him you may quickly finish him off. This is a great strategy to save your precious time. In the previous post, that creature was not discussed because he did not show up. A monster with a bow is also dangerous but not hard to destroy.

Sickles carrying monster comes out of nowhere and may catch you by running quickly. There is a tricky hint – jump aside or make backflips. Then shoot with what you have. You will see his life is diminishing. He may come with several friends who throw blades.

Source: theRadBrad via Youtube