Remnant: From the Ashes: How to Defeat Dreamer and Nightmare, Final Boss in Teenager’s Body

The fight is actually happening in the simulation which starts through dreamer’s left hand that holds the hero’s right hand. Speech of the enemy tries to persuade that resistance is useless by decreasing your morale. Don’t worry, it is just AI’s tactics to make the game interesting.

Dreamer is Weaker

By spinning, the dreamer can pull you closer for easy reinforcement’s attacks. Immediately run backward and eliminate other monsters. Throw radioactive spell to him by decreasing his life and shoot his head only. Then collect bullets that are left on the ground by reinforcements.

Transformed Dreamer is the Nightmare – The Strongest Boss

I admire the Nightmare for his boldest life and ability to bring the hero to another dimension where monsters disturb him by throwing blades. The nicest Remnant gameplay is fighting the final boss who I expected to be the most powerful and epic. Killing him was the toughest mission I have ever accomplished. The hero needs to apply all of his tactics repeatedly. There is no magic weapon to kill him in a minute. Multiple fireballs he sends are drastically lethal – decrease my life seriously. I was frustrated when I lost half-life by taking two fireballs right to my chest. If you attack by a radioactive spell he trembles like a butterfly – looking so impressive and amazing. I truly say he presents an epic evil design.

When you see him spinning be ready to leave for another dimension. You should quickly find a lightning path otherwise getting killed by monsters takes half a minute. I like when he makes a high bass sound which gives an epic moment for my hero’s triumph. It took half an hour to eliminate both final bosses. Killing the Nightmare releases the body of the teenager but I feel pity for him – he is left under ruins. The hero didn’t help. But the game is finished by a victory. Applause yourself when you finish the game.