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Remnant: From the Ashes, How to Defeat Singe in Fire and Wood

Entering the Wood and Fire reminded me 2014’s Godzilla movie which has flying monsters that consume radiation. Much scarier monster waited for me on top of the building with preparation to burn me till ashes. The multiple eyed Singe is powerful and can send small enemies to disturb the player. He can crash any concrete wall that you hide behind. Therefore you should run by shooting with the help of shotgun.

Moment For Steady Shooting

I have tried a couple of times to stay behind him and shoot. That decision gave me a lot of seconds to decrease his life. The shotgun is capable to shoot if the enemy is near, so I took a chance to shoot his back many times. But the enemy does realize knowing about your tactics and sends little allies to fight you with swords and flying blades. Burning places are dangerous if you step on them. You better stay on cracked asphalt.

Fireballs and Continuous Fire From Singe’s Mouth

Sudden fireballs can come to you instantly so you should be jumping aside. Moreover, the monster is able to keep sending continuous fire by 180 degrees. Get your feet moving at that moment. If you have sufficient spells, throw them to him so he can stand by two feet by giving a chance to your bullets enter his own body.

If you are an experienced gamer you can kill him within 3 minutes. Do not forget to upgrade your available weapons before the fight. Good luck!