Remnant: From The Ashes: How To Eliminate Shatter and Shade in The Anointed Machina-Part 5

During the search of the next stronger boss, there have been many enemies in the form of disgusting creatures that are able to shoot, chop, bite and even poison. That’s the main idea of the game – to thrill the gamer so he can have a maximum excitement that affects his whole physical body. In the Anointed Machina every gamer shall meet Shatter and Shade – tall monsters with heads like skulls. They are really scary when they make the first impression getting out of their containers. However, they are ‘piece of cake’ compared to much scarier enemies that are waiting in the next objectives.

Tips to kill Shatter

Shatter likes to move a lot and he is the defender of Shade. Use your pistol that can aim and shoot effectively in the long-range. If he approaches you closely jump backward as he might use his sword to decrease your life. Most needed strength here is your stamina, you should have been upgrading it continuously after collecting your loots. Try to hide behind columns as Shatter loses orientation when you are invisible to his eyes. Shade and Shatter sometimes stay together to call reinforcement with six weaker enemies. You should first kill all the reinforcement members as they tend to bother you in aiming Shatter. Be careful of yellow magic bubbles that can decrease your life by poisoning with radiation. Aim Shatter’s head as it is only a weak point of his body.

Tips to Kill Shade

After finishing Shatter off attacking Shade becomes not so easy as he shoots with white lights. The reinforcements still can come to help Shade. The best thing is here to keep shooting him because his death simultaneously causes death for his reinforcement allies. Run and shoot by pistol only to avoid getting hit by yellow and white round lights.  When you finish the job there will be an exit for you to accomplish the next mission.