Remnant: From the Ashes: How to Eliminate The Ent in Branches and Bones Area – Part 4

So far the game is exciting and has an epic storyline with the horror of course. Entering dark and scary buildings which are full of attacking creatures with guns too. Reaching a place called ‘Branches and Bones’ is pretty simple; need to kill all enemies and receive words “It’s over” from your hero. Then find a checkpoint that leads to The Ent who looks like an old burnt tree.

Fighting the Ent requires some tactics like jumping when he sends fire by hitting the ground, shooting potato alike self-exploding creatures near him, using a shotgun, drinking a medicine when you get infected, keeping a far distance from the Ent, and running from his vertical bombs.

Around 7 minutes needed for destroying the Ent. If you wisely use resources in fighting him you may finish him quickly. Before meeting him upgrade your traits, power, gun, consumables and collect ammunition. Get prepared with everything you have. Consumables are very vital though they are not lethal to enemies.

The Ent is not a final boss. Later you will find a Keeper who will guide you in seeking the main boss. Maybe, the war will be over after winning the final battle. Before that, enjoy the game as it has many challenges and interesting finds.

Source: theRadBrad via Youtube