Remnant: From The Ashes: How to Eliminate Thrall-Radiation Causing Creature

Meeting the Thrall is actually chilling after encountering so many enemies who fight with fire. Radiation is his main power that may quickly decrease your life. He doesn’t shoot a lot but can disappear quickly. Shooting him gives a fantastic pleasure while he sends radioactive poison. His look reminds an alien from Independence Day movie but his head covered by horns and hair which possibly serve as radiation making organs.

Dark Twins

Thrall is a very clever monster who sends insect alike twin creatures – they attack by throwing blades and can cut you by their sharp hands. So, the best strategy to fight them is running away by targeting their boss. Thrall keeps poisoning you with radiation – seems entire place is radioactive – drink your anti-radiation consumable and keep running.

Praying Boss Poisons Till Death

Dying from radiation makes me feel so awkward, especially, when I run out of your healing consumables. However, the boss looks funny while he looks upward like praying for rain during the dry season  Рshamanic method. First time I saw him doing that I laughed so loudly as my sleeping wife asked: Are you crazy? But I realized he was doing that to poison me by radiation. I found that my life is shrinking and later healing consumable was running out. Acting like a tactical soldier in Halo game quickly hinted me to finish Thrall off by shooting his big hairy head which did not give me a challenge.

Any gamer might think killing the Thrall is easy in the beginning but his radiation quickly makes you sick and slow. Better shoot him while praying – he may lose significant health.