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Remnant: From the Ashes: Root Mother Asks Help to Fight Big Boss, Part 3

So far, this game is thrilling with many enemies sending on the way. Upgrading power, weapon and look give extraordinary feeling in eliminating the scary creatures. You should be able to hear every sound the game gives since the next thing going to happen based on the sound made a couple of seconds ago. The squeaky noise from monsters really scares me but I need to go on for finishing my objectives

Meeting Root Mother

At the checkpoint, you choose ‘return to the last checkpoint’. On the way, there are monsters with an ax and flying blades. Stay away from the tallest one who runs to you fast. Shoot them all precisely by saving bullets of your shotgun. A crying woman’s voice can be heard after you kill some monsters. So ridiculous you get when shoot and collect scores with currency. Entering a hall where the Root Mother is bond by magic roots. Come closer to her and she will speak with epic manner though her look is so scary. Claiming she knows everything about the hero and holds a vessel of wisdom. Asking about founder-led her say about the desperation that consumed him. Of course, she knows where the route to the founder is. She breaks bonds unless you protect her from monsters. If you agree with her terms, the evil creatures will come and try to kill her. You must protect her for sure.

After you finish all the attackers off the Root Mother will tell you she will aid you but must rest and you need to find a path beyond a wall then search for her among hero’s power guide. I think you must go to the checkpoint and come to the base for upgrades. Try to talk people inside the base for getting useful hints.

Source: theRadBrad via Youtube