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Render Makes A Stunning Move For Today: What Are The Functions Of RNDR?

Render Network is a blockchain GPU computing platform powering next-generation 3D content creation. Render Token today is moving stunningly, achieving over 34.4% but with some oscillation. The last trading session was closed at $0.997861, gaining its peak of $1.40; besides, the crypto market has progressed 3473.4% over the year. The main use of the RNDR token is to pay miners on the Network. Render Token is the token-based product of OTOY that was launched in 2009.

Despite that, the RNDR project is supported by blockchain developers and consultants, ranging from film and animation industry experts to experienced crypto entrepreneurs. And the highlight of RNDR is used for payment in the Rendering Network. Users who post rendering tasks on the Network will need to pay RNDR tokens for those who accept the rendering task. The RNDR token can then be exchanged or re-circulated on the Network for further rendering jobs. The Render Token had a trading volume of $15,812,241, giving the $206,734,493 market cap.