Revolt’s Owner: Alternet Systems Soaring As EV Motorcycle’s Production Launches Soon

After electrifying the hoverboard and scooter the most traditional or classic motorcycles also want to join the zero-emission tech bandwagon. One of the first pioneers is Alternet Systems that offers Revolt brand of electric long-range, retro-looking motorcycle.

After the official announcement of producing the EM (electric motorcycle), the ALYI shares went up recently by 350% as daily trade has faced an increasing demand for the shares even though the stock belongs to the OTC market. Right now an average of 220 million shares is active being on a trading desk between exchange and buyers.

On Monday, ALYI jumped almost 62% due to recent news from its media while the January effect is still on the corner with a tendency to push the market up according to last decade’s experts. However, ALYI is soaring only due to the expectation of investors who would like to see zero-emission retro motorcycles on the roads of the U.S.


Richard McEntire

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