Rivian Automotive Aims To Expand Charging Points For Electric Vehicles

The American electric car company Rivian Automotive, which is called a competitor of Tesla, collapsed today by 2% to $78.24 from its previous close of $79.95. Also, during the month, the price markedly plummets from $114.93, losing about 31%. The company’s stock market was affected by Amazon’s refusal to cooperate exclusively with Rivian. Despite that, recently, Rivian has announced that charging stations will be built in national parks across the United States. Let’s look over the company’s electric-car chargers in US national parks in more detail now. 

Rivian Automotive

The first charging stations will be set up in California’s Yosemite and Golden Gate National Recreation Areas. At the moment, Rivian Automotive offering two models; the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. According to the official statements of Adopt a Charger, the charging point will be approximately 25 miles to 40 km of range per hour. It is quite questionable how the charging stations will be installed or what measures will be taken to avoid damage or theft. Previously, the firm was the world’s sixth most valuable carmaker, but now it has decreased to ninth place, with a current market capitalization of $70 billion.