RMRK App Skyrockets 103 Percent: Here Is What You Should Know About It

The chart shows a growing trend. The token price skyrocketed in 4 hours. In just this period, the price increased by $ 3.61. Closer to 9 pm, it reached an all-time high of $ 7.88. However, after a few minutes, it decreased by 10% and the current price is $ 7.12. RMRK app (RMRK) has trading volume of $18,689,672. It has 0 RMRK coins in circulation and has a total supply of 10 million.
RMRK Launches the Most Advanced NFT System in the World - The Daily HodlRMRK app is part of the broader NFT Kusama strategy and a way to abuse the Kusama system. Rmrk is the world’s most advanced NFT system adding eternal liquidity and multi-chain forward compatibility to all NFT projects under development. NFT can now be reused in any future project in any chain without formal partnerships between project creators. $RMRK is management, staking, and collateral token launched on the Statemint chain. The poll can be announced, and votes can be sent with a chain of remarks. The RMRK team can help you get started with your poll. With RMRK, you can define the token sale and pre-allocate the number of tokens for your project based on people’s investment without the need for smart contracts.