Rockwell Medical Soars 39% Amid Successful Study Results

Results from a study investigating the co-administration of an IV formulation of FPC with UFH, which is commonly used as an admixture for an HD-machine syringe pump, have been published in a journal focused on bioequivalence and bioavailability. The study did not show that the combination of FPC and UFH produces bioavailable iron. RMTI stock soars 49% after this news to now cost $0.71. The results of the study show that FPC did not have a clinical relevance drug-drug interaction with unfractionated heparin. They also confirm the effectiveness of UFH in real-world settings and the results of a previous study.

The objective of the crossover trial was to investigate the safety and effectiveness of an FPC/H admixture in maintaining the anticoagulation of a dialyzer circuit in patients with hemodialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease. The study found that the anti-Xa activity and activated prothrombin times were comparable across all time points. The concentrations of iron and TSAT were also consistent across all routes. FPC is an iron replacement therapy indicated for the maintenance of hemoglobin in adult patients with hard-to-treat diabetes mellitus (HD-CKD). It can be administered in the traditional IV route or as a slow continuous infusion over several hours.