Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 12GB GDDR6 Ethereum Mining Hashrate Performance Benchmarked

Nvidia brings back legendary GeForce RTX 2060 from the dead but it becomes 12GB GPU. Quickest hands to touch on Zotac Gaming RTX 2060 12GB GDDR6 graphics card was not a gamer but a miner guy ironically. Nvidia’s initial purpose of reproducing the old cards was a gaming GPU shortage prevention.

Anyhow, Ethereum miner from Indonesia Lapak Wull has uploaded best mining settings for Zotac Gaming RTX 2060 12GB alongside a whopping 37.60 MH/s Ethereum mining hashrate result.

RTX 2060 12GB GDDR66 Ethereum mining hashrate with best settings
Lapak Wull YouTuber benchmarked Zotac Gaming RTX 2060 12GB

For obvious reasons, Nvidia could not put LHR limited hashrate locking method onto RTX 2060 12GB GDDR6 for time being. Therefore, miner guy did not use LHR unlock method in mining software but overclocking was indeed a great tool to increase memory performance to gain extra hashrate.

So the best settings to squeeze RTX 2060 12GB GPU is to download MSI Afterburner and set core clock at 1095MHz, memory frequency at +1650MHz without a power limit. Benchmarked GPU appears to be Zotac Gaming RTX 2060 12GB equipped with Ice Storm and Fire Storm features.

Amazing 37+ MH/s by RTX 2060 12GB is greater performance per dollar result compared to RX 6600 XT and much expensive Nvidia’s Ampere Architecture based RTX 3060 LHR V2 GPU.

Now every miner saw these results and gaming community will not get RTX 2060 12GB at official MSRP any time soon till Ethereum mining ends in July 2022.

With Ethereum mining difficulty rising, current mining farms are hungry for extra hashrate to pay back their borrowings for the last eight month of mining boom. Be careful, getting RTX 2060 12GB may not result in returning your investment compared to RTX 3070 Ti with higher hashrate.