RTX 2080 Ti Super’s Arrival Proof or Different Flagship Coming From NVIDIA?

On the South Korean national radio research agency site that handles checking electrical compliance of goods to make sure they do not send out dangerous signals, there is a PCIe graphics card that was found from NVIDIA. It’s model name is PG 178. The certification date is the 16th of August 2019.

If we look at the model name of RTX 2080 Super you will find out a sign of PG 160 on the upper left corner. On RTX Titan’s and RTX 2080 Ti’s certifications you may see PG 150.

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The certification page of model PG 178 means that another Turing graphics card is coming. That might be RTX 2080 Ti Super which will be the only flagship that no graphics card can match.

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Source: RedGamingTech via Youtube

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