RTX 2080 TI vs RTX 2080 Super vs RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 Ti Benchmarks On Playing Wolfenstein: YoungBlood

Top four graphic cards from Nvidia are tested by Tech Benchmarks Hub. Wolfenstein: Youngblood was just released for PC which provides an opportunity to stay ahead of consoles. RTX 2080 Super is being criticized for bad value on the internet by tech enthusiasts. One of the most popular reviewers Hardware Unboxed video title says: ‘Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super Review, We Miss The 1080 Ti’.

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The benchmark scores are divided into three according to resolutions: 1080(FHD), 1440(QHD) and 2160(UHD/4K). For test setup, there are Ryzen 3700X MB, X570 Aorus Extreme, 16GB 3200MHZ CL14 DDR4, and 256GB SSD.

RTX 2080 TI180/225130/17278/101
RTX 2080 Super160/203117/15569/91
RTX 2080157/192113/14767/86
GTX 1080 Ti140/176101/13461/79
Courtesy of Tech Benchmarks Hub via YouTube


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Courtesy of Tech Benchmarks Hub via YouTube


Courtesy of Tech Benchmarks Hub via YouTube

The highest marks go to RTX 2080 Ti in all three resolutions. The newest RTX 2080 Super stays behind on 2nd place. RTX 2080 is third and GTX 1080 Ti is in the last place.

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Source: Tech Benchmarks Hub via Youtube

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