RTX 3060 LHR V2 Reaches 41 MH/s Ethereum Mining Hashrate Using Best HiveOS Settings Via Latest T-Rex Nvidia Miner

Nvidia LHR Ethereum hashrate performance limiter is getting a hard loaded punch from crypto mining software including T-Rex, NBMiner and GMiner.

A whopping 41 MH/s performance unlock from RTX 3060 LHR V2 GPU is well done by Iggy Crypto mining channel via YT. Previous RTX 3060 LHR V2 record stood around 37 MH/s right after NBMiner released LHR 75% unlock.

RTX 3060 hashrate eth LHR

Secret technique to unlock RTX 3060 LHR handshake between driver and GPU core is to apply setting on HiveOS overclock with step by step clock memory increase and bringing down core clock carefully.

Initially, mining person must start with memory clock at 1000 with core clock at -50 then increase exact same memory clock settings up to 2000 and core clock down at -70. Wait for 10 minutes then apply final best settings to reach 41 MH/s on RTX 3060 by increasing memory up to 3000 and core clock stick to negative 200.

RTX 3060 LHR v2 hiveos settings eth hashrate

In a nutshell, RTX 3060 v2 with Samsung 12GB GDDR6 module may be unlocked further if NBMiner developer team will work hard around again. For now 41 MH/s is a record achievement for RTX 3060 LHR V2 users who need to recover their investments during GPU shortage and Ethereum mining demise will come around July 2022.

Source: Iggy Crypto