RTX 3070 Best Overclock Mining Settings Revealed With Full Hashrate Unlock

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 is the best card for mining since GPU prices went down dramatically after Ethereum Merge announcement around September 19th. Most online retailers sell this card under $500 in North America. T-Rex miner became a stable software within Hive OS realm for Nvidia cards.

rtx 3070 lhr full unlock settings

Well-known crypto miner Son Of A Tech YT channel has shared some good revelations on efficient RTX 3070 overclocking in Hive OS. Previously, Nvidia had decided to lock it’s RTX 3000 GPUs with LHR code for miners not to buy gaming cards but 2022 open source drivers could be easily hacked in shorter time than anticipated.

On the other side of mining thing, RTX 3060 Ti is another king of efficiency but price comes close to RTX 3070 in reality. Using T-Rex miner in HiveOS you may run LHR RTX 3070 GPU on full hashrate potential around 62-63 MH/s. So the specific settings by Son Of A Tech are:

  • Core Clock at 1100MHz
  • Memory Clock at 2600MHz
  • Power Limit 125W

Beware of GPU mining trend ending soon when Ethereum network upgrades to Proof of Stake phase where mining will be stopped immediately. If you want more risky adventures then consider jumping onto Ethereum Classic or Ergo mining but it’s not financial advice eventually.

Source: Son Of A Tech