RTX 3070 Ti LHR Hashes 56 MH/s Stable Mining Performance Using Gminer 2.67 Ethereum Miner

Unlocking of RTX 3000 series marathon is still going on in cryptocurrency space. Nvidia would be really upset despite their efforts to limit GeForce RTX 3000 cards during Ethereum mining boom. Mindboggling RTX 3070 Ti LHR card just recently broke the Ethereum mining hashrate record by reaching up to 56 MH/s which is just 6 MH/s slower than vanilla RTX 3070 non-LHR version.

Stunning high performance to date among RTX 30 generation is done by RTX 3070 Ti with following MSI Afterburner settings using little bit of coding in GMiner 2.67 version. Big thanks to BlueWay YouTube channel from Turkey for uploading their mining results just yesterday. Couple of weeks ago NBminer could reach 86 MH/s on RTX 3080 Ti 12GB LHR monster. Small sibling RTX 3060 Ti produces only 43 MH/s in Ethereum mining but with cheaper price tag.

Making up to 56 MH/s juice from RTX 3070 Ti you may need to type line of code “–Lhr_Tune1 3 –lock_cclock 1200”. That is the secret sauce of unlocking RTX 3070 Ti’s potential with efficient power consumption. Unlike other miners, BluWay did enormous effort to find out efficiency by locking the core clock within the code of GMiner software. Yet, memory clock is set at +1500 in MSI Afterburner while not adjusting the power limit percentage. Nevertheless, GMiner 2.68 the fresh version was recommended by video author due to instability on earlier ones.

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Source: BluWay via YT

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