Nvidia RTX A2000 Achieves 43 MH/s Ethereum Mining Hashrate Using T-Rex Miner Powered At 85W

RTX A2000 GPU just achieved the best hashrate and power efficiency record level for hard earned dollar. Nvidia primarily focuses to produce LHR locked gaming GPUs to prevent miners from getting them in bulks but workstation Ampere GPUs are left with LHR-free option for unique mining opportunity.

RTX A2000 Ethereum Hashrate with best power settings at consumption
Tech Enthusiast Son of a Tech YT channel shares 43.50 MH/s Ethereum Mining Performance At 85W Consumption

Highly reputable YT channel by the name Son of a Tech just shared the best hashrate achievement reaching up to 43+ MH/s from RTX A2000 workstation GPU while power consumption at the wall was established at modest 85W.

Truly, wonderful mining performance showcase yet, since RTX A2000 could only achieve merely 41 MH/s from day one reviews. Locking the core clock at 980 MHz and memory clock at 7100 MHz while holding the power limit at 69W might give any RTX A2000 GPU a little bit extra push on T-Rex miner via HiveOS settings. If miners keep grabbing Ampere workstation cards then gamers must rejoice from GPU Apocalypse happened due to Ethereum mining madness.

Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles have kept hurting PC gaming market with their latest next gen RDNA2 equipped custom chips. However, Ethereum mining would end soon in the middle of 2022 after Core Dev meeting concluded for Proof of Stake phase launch so the eBay GPU scalpers may regret grabbing enormous quantities of LHR card stocks.

Meanwhile, some folks have survived this GPU shortage with AMD Zen2 APUs and Intel UHD or Iris Xe Integrated Graphics which can attain up to 40-60 fps playable performance in GTA 5, Elden Ring and Genshin Impact.

Source: Son of a Tech YT Channel