Rubic (RBC) Gains Today: Avalanche Network Is Now Available At Rubic

Rubic’s price is currently observing a bullish trend on the daily chart by achieving 33%. The last trading session was closed at $0.389066 and is now open at $0.537455. Meanwhile, today’s market cap represents $47,130,223, and the trading volume equaled $2,360,164. However, Rubic is a multi-chain ecosystem of DeFi, which includes a cross-chain.
Yesterday, it was announced that the Avalanche Network is now joined To Rubic Multi-Chain Routing. Now you can perform multi-chain swaps from any token in the networks: Avalanche and Ethereum, Balance Smart Chain, and Polygon. To celebrate this launch, Rubic will make a gas refund to exchange routes with several chains using various tokens of the Avalanche project. This campaign has already been launched on October 19 and will last until November 2

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter