RX 5500 Is Spotted On AOTS 4K Gaming Benchmarks Running On 60 FPS

Upcoming AMD Radeon RX 5500 budget GPU is spotted in the wild while running Ashes Of The Singularity gaming benchmark on 4K resolution and hitting average 60 fps stable frame rate. Not bad at all for 7nm Navi 14 GPU oriented to play games on 1080p resolution. Initially, credit goes to Komachi_Ensaka from twitter who has detected this information and post it right away. So the benchmark screenshot looks legit but accept these results with grain of salt.

For the processor, i7-8700K 6 Core 12 Thread has been chosen since it has a brilliant single core performance slightly slower than i9-9900K. However, despite of running this game on 4K resolution the Glare and Shadow Qualities were set to Low and Middle configuration. Seems like 60 fps is almost impossible on highest game quality setting. With all patience, gaming community should wait for independent Techtubers’ benchmarks after the official launch day.