Ryzen 3 3300X & RX 5600M Powered Clevo Notebook NH5xAx Gaming Laptop Model Leaked With Time Spy Score Results Beating i7-9750H & i5-9300H

Enormous big leak today might shock whole laptop gaming lovers right from the twitter user TUM-APISAK post about 3DMark Time Spy results of upcoming Ryzen 3 3300X & Radeon RX 5600M. This time around, Clevo Gaming Laptop manufacturer has tested it’s own mainstream gaming Notebook NH5xAx model featuring a whopping desktop Ryzen 3 3300X Zen 2 based processor with Radeon RX 5600M mobile GPU.

Shocking results have erupted out of Ryzen 3 3300X system by scoring 4965 points against i7-9750H only getting 4671 and i5-9300H is twice slower with a score of 2151 compared to AMD counterpart. This particular laptop is focused on mainstream type of gaming where esports titles are preferred to game on. Specifically, Ryzen 3 3300X is 65W TDP rated chip oriented on desktop use but since Intel mobile CPUs are failing to achieve power efficiency the OEM laptop manufacturers are inclined towards AMD’s desktop variants due to 7nm process superior efficiency and performance.

According to AMD’s official specs stated in their website, the Radeon RX 5600M is the only Notebook Mobile GPU sporting with 6GB GDDR6 VRAM capacity. Therefore, leaked Time Spy results are accurately pointing at 6GB VRAM graphics. Upcoming RX 5600M is also a 7nm process based GPU fabricated at TSMC. In power efficiency and thermal aspects you may draw positive conclusions towards AMD’s mobile GPUs this summer after official release date.

In graphics specs wise, GTX 1660 Ti Notebook Mobile GPU from Nvidia beats RX 5600M by small negligible margin albeit Radeon Drivers not ready to come out yet. However, pricing terms will rule the choice of gamers on which laptop they would play. Clearly, GTX 1660 Ti plus i7-9750H laptops are costing gamers budget at a huge price points. It would be great if AMD and Intel would slash prices on CPUs and GPUs then Nvidia would follow this trend.

Lastly, fresh uploaded leak of Ryzen 3 3300X based Clevo laptop was submitted on April 27 2020, so official release date is just around the corner. Prepare your budget to enjoy full 7nm powered gaming laptop this summer for the first time in history.

Source: 3DMark & TUM_APISAK Via Twitter