Ryzen 5 3500X vs Core i5-9400F Gaming

Finally, budget gamers have comprehensive and independent gaming benchmarks for full fledget 6 core 6 thread CPU Ryzen 5 3500X with monster 32 MB level 3 cache. This time around, prominent budget oriented Tectuber OzTalksHW has literally reviewed Ryzen 5 3500X vs Core i5-9400F processors. Intel must be shocked by this English language review since initially AMD put Ryzen 5 3500X with 4.2 GHz boost clock for Chinese market only.

However, OzTalksHW was able to get one Ryzen 5 3500X from Chinese online retailer, thanks to the internet. On the other hand, i5-9400F is also 6 core 6 thread CPU with 4.1 GHz turbo clock and widely available in every market. OzTalksHW’s PC specs are Ryzen 5 3500X, 16GB dual channel RAM, Asus ROG Crosshair Hero Motherboard and RTX 2060 6GB GPU for AMD setup.

For Intel setup: i5-9400F, 16GB dual channel RAM, Asus B360M-K Prime and RTX 2060 6GB GPU to avoid graphics bottleneck.  Without further ado, let’s see how both chips are competing in toe to toe benchmark battle.

Synthetic Benchmarks

Many people identify synthetic benchmarks as a theoretical performance of CPU but not always similar to real world situations. One of the best CPU benchmark is Cinebench R15 & R20 for determining the CPU’s multithread and single thread performance.

Both single and multithread Cinebench R15 benchmarks indicate that Ryzen 5 3500X edges out i5-9400F by 10% due to high clock speeds of AMD chips which are 4.2 GHz Boost 3.6 GHz Base frequency.

In Cinebench R20 things getting better for Ryzen 5 3500X. Whopping 15% improvement can be seen in single as well as multithread results.

i5-9400F’s 3D Mark Time Spy GPU and Total scores are similarly close to Ryzen 5 3500X but Core i5 CPU is little bit slower than it’s AMD counterpart.

Gaming Benchmarks

All gamers may witness here the mighty power of AMD’s Zen 2 7nm processor in real world gaming performance. In some games Intel wins and in some titles AMD takes the lead.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider DX12 enhanced game prefers Intel processor over AMD because game engine is well optimized for Intel hardware codes. Therefore, results are obviously negligible with only 3 fps extra from i5-9400F in both average and 5% low fps performance.

Whole different picture you see here because Ryzen 5 3500X is using it’s higher frequency 4.2 GHz power over i5-9400F’s 4.1 GHz turbo clocks. Thtat’s why single thread oriented Rainbow Six Siege game prefers Ryzen chip.

Overwatch fast paced first person shooting online game actually prefers 14nm Intel processor rather than 7nm AMD’s. It’s all goes down to game optimization for latest Zen 2 CPUs over time depending on game developers decision whether to optimize their game to AMD processor like Valve optimizes well CS:GO game for Ryzen 3000 series processors earlier than others.


In Far Cry 5, both competitors have shown their true similar performance power, thanks to Ubisoft developers who worked hard to optimize every processor for their triple A game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins can run better on Ryzen 5 3500X with 4 fps higher than on i5-9400F setup. This game takes advantage from multithreaded CPUs but mysteriously, similar thread count i5-9400F scores lower than Ryzen 5 3500X. Perhaps, high frequency also plays bigger role here.

Console emulator Dolphin 5.0 benchmarks indicate clear superiority of Ryzen 5 3500X over i5-9400F as a result of single thread raw power shown from AMD processor.

Stunning victory for Ryzen 5 3500X is shown in above benchmarks. 20% faster performance result belongs to 7nm AMD chip because latest Fortnite Chapter 2 game has been optimized well.

Total 6 game average benchmark results illustrated that Ryzen 5 3500X produces 3.4 fps higher than i5-9400F’s performance. Clear win for Zen 2 Matisse CPU but it’s very negligible in real world situations if your monitor can’t produce 144Hz refresh rate.

Extra Performance With Dual Channel High Frequency Memory

Nevertheless, there is a good news for AMD users. Latest Ryzen 3rd Gen processors prefer high frequency dual channel memory (RAM) in order to speed up Infinity Fabric within the CPU package to get up to 20% extra performance.

After Ryzen 1st Gen launch, many enthusiasts unanimously agreed on one thing: The Faster Memory The Faster Ryzen. Remember this statement and get 3200 MHz CL16 memory to avoid any performance hiccups.


One of the crucial part of being a PC gamer or productive content creator is keeping processor temperature lower than 60 degrees under Celcius.

High temperature under Celcius shown here from Ryzen chip due to being dependent on stock Wraith Stealth cooler and i5-9400F too. But Intel processor score lower degree AIDA 64 stress test which is good for budget gamers. So, if you planning to get Ryzen 5 3500X you must get at least Cooler Master Hyper 212 cooler.

Price to Performance

Buying PC parts for your hardly earned money is a very sweet experience especially when you look into performance per dollar ratio.

OzTalksHW has purchased Ryzen 5 3500X for around $155 from chinese retailer and compared it to i5-9400F according to cost per frame ratio. In terms of clean conversion Ryzen 5 3500X takes lower better cost of $0.95 compared to $0.98 of i5-9400F. Nonetheless, there is a single caveat here called “shipping fee”. When you include shipping fees into the cost per frame equation you might get upset a bit with slide increase of $1.1 per frame.

Credit: OzTalksHW via YT