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Ryzen 5000 Series Cézanne APU Will Have 8 Core 16 Thread CPU & Navi 24 (CUs) iGPU Built On AMD 7nm+ Zen 3 Microarchitecture According To Latest Leaks

Biggest and unexpected next gen AMD Cézanne APU leaked specs emerged from insider sources of tech enthusiast Tom from Moore’s Law Is Dead. This channel focused on latest silicon chip engineering analysis on Nvidia, AMD and Intel mostly. In the latest video Tom posted on YouTube was outlandishly unexpected since leaking information about next gen APUs to general public is unusual to some people like tech journalists. Take with a bunch of salt to your mouth right away because the release date of Cézanne 7nm+ APUs is some time around end of this year. As a result, Renoir laptop mobility APUs will be succeeded by Cézanne Zen 3 APUs with 10W or above TDP rating.

Courtesy of Moore’s Law Is Dead via YT

According to Tom, new AMD APU is still being tested in the lab. The following specs are astonishingly good for laptop lovers. Next gen laptop Cézanne APU will have up to 8 core 16 thread CPU running on base clock 1.7 GHz at 10W TDP efficiency and next base clock of up to 2.3 GHz speed might be running at 15W or above. Of course, PCIe 4.0 will be enabled to eliminate storage and I/O bottlenecks. Obviously, refined 7nm+ process technology based AMD chips will be sporting with Zen 3 architecture so the Cézanne Ryzen 5000 APUs too.

Credit: Locuza Via Twitter

As everyone is aware of Ryzen 4000 series Renoir laptop chips only possess up to 8 (CUs) for Vega graphics. So the above pictured illustration is the speculation by tech enthusiasts Locuza and Komachi_Ensaka who believe 7nm transistor shrink Desktop Zen 2 APUs might have up to 15 Vega (CUs) for graphics performance. On the other hand, redefined Zen 3 architecture is built on 7nm+ node to achieve max efficiency and speed in smaller 200 mm die size. So the next gen Cézanne APUs may support 24 Navi (CUs) integrated GPU based on RDNA instruction code that includes Variable Rate Shading, AI Cores and hardware accelerated Ray Tracing cores. Overall, 8 Core 16 thread Cézanne APU with Navi 24 iGPU is equal to Ryzen 7 3700X plus Radeon RX 570 in terms of raw combined performance. Let’s see what future holds for AMD next gen laptop APUs’ relative gaming performance, will they able to beat Intel Tiger Lake U CPUs and Nvidia GeForce MX350?