Ryzen 7 6800U Gaming APU Benchmark Brings Joy For Budget Gamers After AMD Fixes Driver Issues

AMD has created Ryzen 7 6800U to grab some budget gaming market share among mobile laptop users because Nvidia dominates discrete GPU graphics with MX 550 and MX 450 respectively. Monstrous Ryzen 7 6800U packs a huge Radeon 680M integrated graphics which brought the long lasting pain to Nvidia and Intel’s iGPUs as well.

Let’s see how AMD keeps optimizing it’s latest gen laptop APU king using new Radeon drivers for budget gamers. Here is the solid source of mobility gaming from ETA Prime channel. This reviewer tests budget and exotic hardware focused on Windows, Linux and retro console gaming performance. Let’s hop into Ryzen 7 6800U APU gaming test featuring GPD Win Max 2 portable gaming console.

Firmly speaking, AMD is not joking when it comes to graphics drivers after many customers have complained about low frame rate issues couple of years ago. Current state of AMD Radeon drivers produce stable frame rate even on lower TDP rated Ryzen 7 6800U APU with Radeon 680M iGPU witnessed in Spider-Man Remastered triple A title’s 60 fps gameplay from Sony using 1280×800 resolution.

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest racing game with rich game missions and mechanics. Of course, Octa Core Ryzen 7 6800U has managed to reach up to 74 fps at 720p medium settings with only 15W TDP limit within GPD Win Max 2 console.

Most popular open world title GTA 5 is playable on any laptops or PCs including Ryzen 7 6800U powered ones. Specific performance was tested using GPD Win Max 2 where GTA 5 is played very smooth averaging 84 fps in incredibly high settings at 1080p. No TDP limits were set here.

Source: ETA Prime