Ryzen 9 3950X Spotted On HK Retailer Listing

Again, monstrous 16 Core 32 Threads AMD Ryzen 9 3950X spotted on Hong Kong retailer listing via leaks. The popular Twitter user by name momomo_us has revealed true listing of Intel and AMD CPUs current pricing and full specifications. Obviously, R9 3950X will include RGB stock cooler from AMD and enhanced by 72 MB cache, also there in the leaked image you can see only 3.5 GHz base clock speed but no boost clock frequency mentioned. According to AMD’s website, 4.7 GHz turbo or boost clock speed is specified clearly.

Before this news, prominent EU retailer EOS PC also listed R9 3950X with full specifications and provided 15% discount promotion till September 15th. All PC industry with gamers and content creators will be glad to see real-world benchmarks from Ryzen 9 3950X day one launch reviews, since it is the world’s first 16 Core gaming processor made by AMD. Especially, it’s multicore superiority will be dominating all current mainstream Intel processors till next year, perhaps. Let’s wait and see how Intel will respond to this thread by AMD which is already producing 7nm chips successfully.