Ryzen 9 4900U “Renoir” APU With Possible RX Vega 12/7 iGPU Running On LPDDR4X

Just hours ago, prominent online laptop reviewer Notebook Italia posted video on YouTube about Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 running on AMD Ryzen 9 4900U Renoir APU. The integrated graphics Compute Units (CU) are still unknown. But previously, twitter user Komachi_Ensaka has established that Ryzen 9 APUs might have up to 12 and 15 Vega GPU CUs. The more CUs the more gaming graphics performance expected. Yet, AMD officials at CES 2020 have claimed that up to 50% overall performance uplift is awaiting ultrabook lovers. Amazingly, the CPU core count of Ryzen 9 4900U is probably being a 8 core 16 threads like it’s younger sibling Ryzen 7 4700U. This APU runs on 15W TDP which is the best power consumption to optimize the laptop battery life.

In German Lenovo website, you may see confirmed Ryzen 9 APU in the general specs. Most important, the octa core chip will support high frequency LPDDR4X memory up to 4266 MHz speed that’s been already confirmed in early leaks last year. Moreover, Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 is an ultrabook wonder laptop in which battery lasts up to 14 hours and support rapid charging mode.

Big credit also goes to legendary Planet3DNow german website for spotting the video of Notebook Italia. Hard to make the time to run fast forward to the official Lenovo laptops launch day running 7nm Renoir APUs. Intel might be preparing competitive chip to counter these APUs in shorter time with their Tiger Lake U 10nm laptop processors. Nevertheless, Intel powered laptops will be overpriced due to combination with Nvidia MX350 discrete GPUs. On the other hand, AMD users will enjoy lower prices thanks to All In One APU solution from Renoir family.