Saber Launches New FTT Pool

From 10 p.m. yesterday, the SBR price commenced declining. By this evening, the worth has plunged 5.6%. However, in the last 3 hours, it has popped from $ 0.197 to $ 0.219, which is an 11% increase. Saber is AMM’s leading cross-chain for Solana pegged assets like stable coins and wrapped assets. As Solana’s primary cross-chain liquidity network, it helps facilitate asset transfers between Solana and other blockchains. Users contribute cryptocurrency to the Saber liquidity pool to generate passive income from transaction fees, token-based rewards, and ultimately automated DeFi strategies.

OpenPayd unveils crypto banking and payments proposition amid unprecedented sector growthSaber is pleased to launch a stable FTT liquidity pool that combines Allbridge FTT and Wormhole V2 FTT. The FTX Token is a utility token for the FTX exchange that provides holders with discounts on trading fees and other benefits. You can now link FTT to Solana from Ethereum using Allbridge or Wormhole and start providing liquidity on Saber in the aeFTT – wFTT pool for earning trading fees and SBR rewards. Users should be aware that the FTX Token (FTT) is not available in the US or other prohibited jurisdictions.