SafeMoon Jumps 26%: A Good Opportunity To Invest?

During the day, SafeMoon crypto has moved stagnantly with an average of $0.00000141. Furthermore, at 20:39, the token hugely skyrocketed from $0.00000137 to $0.00000173, representing 26% profit. SafeMoon’s founders claim that they aimed to eliminate the extreme price fluctuation that many digital coins have. At price peaks, large coin holders sell large numbers of collected coins, lowering quotes. SafeMoon’s designers want to prevent day trading of their currencies and reward long-term investors by charging a 10% commission on each sale.

Half of the collected fees are intended for existing coin owners. Thus, the long-term holders of the asset are stimulated. SafeMoon quickly multiplied in price after approval from several celebrities, including rapper Lil Yachty, YouTuber Paul Logan, sports blogger Dave Portnoy and former Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. SafeMoon reached $0.00001375 in April 2021 before falling 70% to $0.000003919 as of 2021.