Salesforce (CRM) Fall For 5% For The Last Five Days: What Is Your Next Step?

The stock is falling with the big volatility during the last 5 days. The stock was $247.06 on July 13 which is can be considered as the highest one, then fell to $240.12 on the next day. The lowest price of the stock for the last 5 days was $234.86 on July 19. The total volume of the company is 8,842,963 shares.
Salesforce is awaited to double its annual revenue up to $50 billion in the upcoming five years where the CAGR will result in 18.7% from 2021 and 2026. The company predicts that all services such as sales, marketing, service will be expanded during the future five years because now everything is turning to the digital.

The company’s stock is estimated for more than 55 times more than the predicted revenue was. The attractiveness of this company that is instead of storing the data on the computer, it created the cloud service which can be used in the better connection between the sales team and customers

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