Salisbury Bancorp (SAL) Stock Jumps 24%: Is It A Great Dividend Stock?  

Currently, Salisbury Bancorp (SAL) is trading at $51.29, which is $1 more than a week ago. On Wednesday morning it was cost $50.25, on the same day it gained 4%. Furthermore, it became a record. The highest price for the entire week was $52.50, while the lowest was $ 50.25. It had been dropping until the 10th of September before it surged to $51.66 from $50.25. On September 14, it picked up to $52.50.
Salisbury Bancorp’s price has changed by 35.9% this year. The bank holding company currently pays a dividend of $ 0.31 per share with a dividend yield of 2.45%, compared with the Banks-Northeast industry’s yield of 2%. As for dividend growth, the current annual dividend in the amount of $1.24 increased by 6.9% compared to last year. Any future dividend growth will depend on the profit growth and the company’s payout ratio. Currently, the SAL payout ratio is 21%, which means that the company paid 21% of its 12-month EPS as dividends. SAL expects to increase profits in this fiscal year. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for 2021 is $5.92 per share, an increase of return on 40.95% year on year.

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