Sandbox Quickly Rises And Falls: What To Expect?

Today Sandbox has gradually climbed from $0.775557 to $0.833870, representing a 7% profit. Unfortunately, later it considerably dropped over 9% and is now open at $0.799558. The last week, announced that Snoop Dogg has become a partner of the virtual game world Sandbox.

According to the announcement, Snoop is recreating his mansion in Sandbox and launching his new NFT collection based on Ethereum.

Furthermore, this means that players will be able to attend Snoop’s parties and concerts and even play the role of Snoop Dogg himself. Sandbox plans to hold a land sale on September 30, 2021, and participants will be able to get land near Snoop’s mansion. Snoop told in detail that he was looking forward to his new virtual palace and was glad to attract a new audience.