Sandbox (SAND) Token Dips by Joining Red Crypto Market

Even the strongest community-based cryptos are facing the bearish trend although some big trust funds are discussing adding digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The world is seemingly not ready yet to accept the crypto to mop up inflation making fiat money from big economies like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, India, and EU countries.

That’s why one of the successful cryptos Sandbox has to decline because some traders need to cash out. Seeing the solid SAND’s market cap and daily volume any trader will most likely plan to invest while the price is at around $2.50.

If SAND was priced above $100 like SOL nobody would think it is going to be a 10x or 100x opportunity. This year it may remain stagnant but its robust gameFi foundation will surely push the price above $100 in one or two years later.