Santa Floki Token Price Skyrockets After Elon Musk’s Tweet

Santa Floki is a decentralized platform that uses an anti-dump system on its smart contracts. This system will prevent the sale of any of the contracts during the rewarding process. During Santa Floki Rush, NFTs will have various utility functions, such as “power-ups” and “new characteristics”. About 15% of the total supply was reserved for gameplay. In the V2.0 relaunch, more than 20% will be locked for the game.

Although many NFTs are collectible, they will also have utility for Santa Floki Rush. These utility functions will be available on the Metaverse marketplace once they are released. Users will be able to access a virtual concert or a virtual doctor’s office with an NFT.

These utility-specific NFTs will also give a user character special attributes. The first-generation NFTs are already sold out. New ones will be added to our custom minting site each time they are released. During the first month of its launch, Santa Floki raised over $180,000 for a charity that distributes pizza to the homeless population of Los Angeles.