Sareum (SAR.L) Shares Surge 7.55%: Here Is What You Need To Know Of Its Ownership

As of July 29, Sareum shares soared 7.55%. The price trades at 8.55 GBP with a surplus of 0.6 GBP since the previous close at 7.95 GBP. It has been two prosperous years for the company as it managed to get out of the stagnation period. the shares have been rising since early October of 2020. The July 29Th value is a 5-year peak for Sareum. By worldwide standards, Sareum Holdings is a small corporation. It has a market value of £257 million, thus it is unlikely to attract many institutional investors. Nevertheless, Sareum Holdings has institutional investors, and that they own a significant amount of the company’s shares. This indicates that the stock has been reviewed by analysts from those institutions, and they like it.

HBOS Investment Fund Managers is the company’s largest shareholder, with a 12% stake. The second and third largest shareholders, on the other hand, control 8.3% and 4.0% of the outstanding shares, respectively. Furthermore, we discovered that the CEO of Sareum owns 1.5% of the company’s shares.

Paul Meyer

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