Scopus BioPharma Changes Its Prospect For The Future, Stock Dips

Scopus BioPharma announced in a mail to its stockholder of the global annual meeting on December 20. SCPS is trading at $2.26 in the pre-market session rising 4.63%. The letter highlights a number of key points that are important to the company’s stockholders and encourages them to vote for Scopus’ nominees. Raphael Hofstein and David Battleman are highly qualified individuals with extensive experience in the development and commercialization of life science companies. Scopus is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing transformative medicines that address significant medical needs. Through its acquisition of Olimmune and Duet Therapeutics, it has strengthened its immuno-oncology pipeline.

The company urges the stockholders to reject the nominees proposed by Dr. Laster and to re-elect the two experienced and qualified directors, Raphael Hofstein and David Battleman, who are both currently serving on the Scopus Board. The board believes that Dr. Laster is engaging in the self-serving campaign and that his actions are not in the best interests of all Scopus stockholders. As a result, your board has nominated Mordechai Hacham and Joshua Levine for seats on the company’s board.