SelfKey Is Now Ready To Rock The Market

SelfKey has also launched an alpha version of their ‘wallet’, which is a browser extension that allows users to log into various crypto services. The company has also signed a partnership with Asia Pacific Group (APG), a multi-national financial service firm based in the British Virgin Islands, which will use SelfKey’s technology to help streamline its client onboarding process. The SelfKey Foundation is proud to launch the SelfKey Marketplace, a decentralized application (DApp) built on the Ethereum blockchain and designed to put identity owners in control of their data.

As part of the ICO, $1.8M was raised and allocated to key partnerships and marketing initiatives. The company is currently in the process of completing its “Decentralized Identity (DID) Ecosystem”. A partnership with Civic Technologies Inc. has been forged to integrate its identity verification platform into the ecosystem. Best GPUs for mining are worthy to invest too. This partnership will enable KEY token holders to verify their identities for a number of services such as access to financial services, healthcare services, etc. In addition, another partnership with Security Token Exchange has been established to enable KEY token holders to participate in a secondary market for the sale of their digital assets.