Senseonics Rockets 150% in a Week: A Solid Buy Now?

The stock market can be a curious place sometimes. Stocks often rally strongly without any development at all regarding a company and that is what happened with the Senseonics Holdings Inc (SENS) stock on Friday.

Senseonics Rockets 150% in a Week: A Solid Buy Now?

The Senseonics stock soared by as great as 150% over the course of the past week despite there being no news about the company’s business. In this sort of situation, it might be a better option for investors to get better acquainted with the company.

Senseonics is involved in the pharmaceutical sector and is best known for having developed the Eversence CGM system. The system in question consists of a sensor that is embedded under the skin of patients who suffer from diabetes.

The system helps in monitoring the glucose levels in the patient’s blood and can be placed under the skin for 90 days at one go. At this point, Senseonics is awaiting approval from the United States Food and Drugs Administration for the product.


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