Senseonics (SENS) Stock Is Soaring By 55% Over Week

Medical company Senseonics (SENS) is showing good results for last week. The stock price is rising day by day. It traded at $2.9 and now it costs $4.4. Price has jumped by 55%. Let us look in more detail at the reason for the growth.
Interactions with the Medical Community - MedTech EuropeSenesonics SENS, a developer of insulin pumps, was buzzing on Monday after its popularity soared on social media over the weekend, with individual investors seeing the company as a possible major squeeze target. According to HypeEquity statistics, mentions of Sensonic increased by 600% in volume.

According to Fintel data, short interest in the company increased, peaking at the beginning of June, and private investors took note. The number of shares bets short in Senseonics increased by more than 30 points on June 3 and 4, and the stock price increased by over 42% on the same day. It has been on the radar of retail traders and short-sellers since then.

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