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Sentinel Is Trading With High Volatility: What’s The Buzz?

Sentinel is a decentralized VPN protocol that is based on the Cosmos SDK. Today, the Sentinel (VPN) token demonstrates volatility. As of 7 AM on Friday, Nov 5, the price made up $0.03333014, and it markedly boomed out to $0.03519461, representing a 5% rise. Since the last increase, the value commenced sinking to almost $0.03341611. From June 13, 2021, Sentinel’s token market improved by 280.6%, while the market cap totaled $185,871,298. It had an amazing run last month, gaining around 43%. On the weekly, it can be seen that the price is strongly oscillating, getting a trading volume of $4,609,548. Moreover, Sentinel (DVPN) is a proprietary, open-source cryptocurrency of the dVPN network with tokens and applications.

Last week, it was announced that the Sentinel has entered into a partnership with Trusted Node. In accordance, Sentinel delegated $90 million $DVPN to Trusted Node to further secure the global dVPN network. A Trusted Node will manage full dVPN blockchain nodes so that users can delegate their $VPN. The collaboration lays the foundation for the scale-up and value of Sentinel’s dVPN. By the way, the Trusted Node creates a network of validators to proof-of-stake and the next-generation blockchain.