Shapeways Gains: Time To Invest?

On October 19, Shapeways debuts Otto Software-as-a-service. It is specially designed for the traditional manufactures who need much simple, faster, and flexible ways for 3D printing in the industrial goals. With the help of Otto, the producers will be provided with free access to the totally digitalized operating processes of the 3D printing workflows which will result in the decline of the unnecessary risks and expenses.

CEO of the company, Greg Kress said that with Otto, they are aiming to offer very simple and quick 3D printing for any manufacturer from all over the world.  The seamless access to high-quality online manufacturing helps them to avoid the big expenses which are related to the required Capex and problems regarding the setting up the committed capabilities of the production. One more great advantage, that the producers can freely and easily register in Otto and start using the services.