Sharply Jumping Stock To Triple Your Investment: Visium Technologies (VISM)

On Friday Visium (OTC: VISM) became hot tech stock increasing 220.83% to $0.0038 and letting penny stock-loving investors buy 997,985,257 shares. Being a cybersecurity providing firm gives a wide opportunity to Visium to diversify revenue sources but the management isn’t considering that chance. To be the pride of Virginia Visium should apply strategies in adding new services.

On Thursday VISM was actually climbing from $0.0008 to $0.0012 after announcing the company repays outstanding variable rate convertibles. Seeing that new strength in the balance sheet, long-term and visionary investors quickly jumped onto the bandwagon on the next day. For several thousand U.S dollars you may get millions of VISM shares right now. In fact, it isn’t too late to join the crowd.

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VISM is still one of the cheapest penny stocks available in the OTC market as a tech stock to boost your wealth overnight but initially one should buy $500 worth of shares as addition to the portfolio. Perhaps, VISM is like VYST crouching invisibly and popping over 100% in August. Investors ought to stay alert to VISM as any announcement may affect the share price.

Sharply Jumping Stock To Triple Your Investment: Visium Technologies (VISM)

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