Sheep Game AWOOL Explodes Its Bubble And Price Sinks

The live Sheep Game price is $0.015236 today. Users can buy AWOOL in real-time at this price. Wolf.Game discovered new NFT mechanics, but SheepGame brings it to Avalanche. It is a decentralized token. SheepGame shows how to interact with the ERC-20 and ERC-722 protocols on the platform. The game is based on having very low payment fees. The price dips as low as 63% entering a bearish trendline and staying in the red zone for the time being.

There is a 90% of chance of minting the token. The higher the value, the more likely it is to steal.  In return for not attacking the Barn, Wolves receive a 20% tax on sheared wool. If the sheep are left in the barn without being taken to the barn, all of its $aWOOL will be shorn. When the supply reaches 2,000,000 $aWOOL, the staking tap switches off. Developers will then receive 600,000,000 $aWOOL and 2,000,000 $aWOOL respectively. There will never be 10,000 Gen Zero coins, minted with the names AVAX, TRACTOR, or JOE. The only way to get it is by farming $aWOOL. If a Sheep is taken from the barn, the Wolves try to steal its $aWOOL earnings.