Shiba Doge (SHIBDOGE) Crypto Plunges After Significant Gains This Week

Since February ShibaDoge has been doing awesome by making over 53 fold jumps. However, it is still miserably cheap as compared to other penny cryptos in trending tickers. in 24 hours it lost 11% after the sharp rise on Monday trading session. Eventually, its volume has reached $1,496,279 within the last 24 hours.DOGE ve SHIB Tahminleri: Bu Seviyeler Bekleniyor!

Under the ticker symbol, SHIBDOGE the token could synergize both Shiba and Doge communities to create a kingdom of cruel enemies. Using the crypto they could create any platform, game, NFT project by bringing both groups for a greater good in the metaverse.

The purpose of creating crypto is to defeat government-backed monetary tools and give power to the ordinary people as they claim to have this mission. Only one problem is virtual communities are not cohesive enough to support this kind of ambitious project. Currently, the token could collect more than $40 billion USD market cap. The short-term goal of the developers is to unite 1% of Shiba and Doge holders (50k) by making  $400+ million in total wealth.

Twenty hours ago, ShibaDoge tweeted that 15 thousand holders appeared while urging all to  become bullish,

On December 5 2021 an article appeared on Medium of ShibaDoge claiming it is only an opportunity to gain wealth and stay connected to different projects and established goals. If this post comes true the Shiba Doge holders will get rich in a year maximum.