Shiba Inu Announces Land Sale In The Upcoming Shiberse To Bomb The Market

The recent decline in the price of Shiba Inu has raised concerns among some of the fund managers. Although some of them are positive about the company’s performance, others are worried about its decline since October. Despite this, they still believe that the hype surrounding the coin will eventually lead to its meteoric rise. Due to the immense number of SHIB coins, many people have become skeptical about the future of the coin. In response, the team behind the project announced that they will soon launch a program called ShibaSwap 2.0. The team members of the project also cautioned the SHIBArmy to remain realistic since a major reduction in supply is expected to boost the price.

The team also noted that they will soon release a list of 99,000 pieces of land for the upcoming Shiberse. Before they release the rest of the land for the public, the team will first give 35,000 pieces of land to holders of LEASH. These coins would then be sold to the public. The project also announced that they would soon launch PartnerSHIBS, which would be a program that would give long-term Shiba Inu believers a chance to win. Other key factors that would propel the coin’s price are the games that are already available on the platform.