Shiba Inu Opens Up New Opportunities With This New Update

Shiba Inu introduces Shiba Lands will be the very first limited edition of land in the Metaverse, and this is a great opportunity for those who want to own their piece of the Metaverse. The idea behind Shiba Lands is that they are places with an interesting history behind them, and they have been designed to reflect the culture and history of their real-world counterparts. Each land comes with its own lore story, which players can learn more about by visiting it in-game. For example, Mount Fuji is a sacred mountain in Japan, and the player can learn more about its history by visiting it.

Shiba Lands will be released in several phases. Shiba’s lands will be the first opportunity to own real estate inside the Metaverse. The queue system will be based on the user’s guild’s position in the sales event. This means that the earlier the user buys, the earlier he gets to participate in the Shiba Land sale. The advantage of this is that it gives everyone a fair chance at obtaining as many times as they wish during the sales event.